We Are Ready. The skincare anarchy has begun!


Cocoon was founded by people from very different walks of life – it brings together extensive marketing, insight and agency experience without forgetting our dermatological and cosmetics business intelligence. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading agencies and clients. We’ve also built robust technologies and run late stage funds. We believe in getting the right talent rather that it being tied to a specific location, employment format or timezone. We want the crazy thinkers, passionate doer’s and courageous advisors! Cocoon is based on loving what you do and creating something completely new. Cocoon has the most amazing diverse and talented team in Finland, Germany and the US.  But no country boundaries are going to keep us from making an impact!


Nita Sederholm / CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Nita has a background in connecting the dots between users, brands and services. She has been building brand strategies suitable for the digital age in China, Germany and Finland. Her main focus has for years been in digital service design and she has worked on numerous global transformation strategies such as HARTMANN, Faber-Castell and Wempe

Her main client for years was Beiersdorf where she built the digital transformation strategy for the dermatology business unit (Eucerin, Aquaphor) and rolled it out in over 50 countries. She worked on overseeing the transformation for four years over themes such as Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Hypersensitive skin (Rosacea), Ageing skin and Sun.

Nita's passion is skin and technology. She loves design, typography and bubbles. See her aesthetic here.  Nita has additionally created a design methodology called Contextual Data Driven Design


Antti Uusiheimala / COO/CFO & Co-FOUNDER

Antti’ is the backbone of company development and strategic business development at Cocoon. His background is in patient monitoring and he traveled at an early age to set up the US operations of a startup called CRF-health. He has Masters degree in both Finance and Law, which have been the foundation for his track record of building funds such as Vision Capital. He has additionally worked in private investment and  at Goldman Sachs

Antti see’s the category of beauty a completely untapped opportunity and want’s to pave the way for independent brands, new technologies and customer centricity!

Antti is driven by strategic excellence and want's to make big dreams come true. He is a logical thinker and excels at building companies and learning new things. Antti loves quantum physics, hot yoga and pho. 


Christopher Shaffer / CTO

Chris has worked his whole career in developing complex business intelligence software such as Capital IQ and Climb Credit (student loan platforms.  He has held various positions from actual engineering to leading teams on both hands on tasks and strategic planning. He was Head of Engineering at Rel Sci. Chris thinks that one of the next bridges we need to build as a society is one connecting different aspects of our health – tying medicine to all-around wellness, mental health, and beauty.

Cocoon is tackling one piece of that problem; the ability to use data and statistics to discover new insights is extremely powerful. My experience using software in the industries of investing, relationship-building, and lending has lead me to appreciate technology’s capacity to automate away the things that can be expressed in pure numbers – so you can focus on the things that can’t.

Chris loves cats, comics and Japanese food. And complex systems- of course.



Andra Vaduva / HEaD OF GROWTH

Andra has worked in digital advertising and technology in leading marketing roles throughout her career activating in several industries such as beauty, fashion, on-demand services, and SaaS just to name a few.  In her spare time she is building a chatbot called Hiboo.ai and she’s also running a community for Women With Accents in North America to help all women learn how to turn their accent into an asset in the business and social environments. 

Every project she is now part of has a common mission, to empower women, give them a real voice and put technology to good use to tackle real issues like anxiety and depression. She joined Cocoon for these specific reasons to turn the beauty industry on its head and start a data revolution where women take decisions on their skin care conditions based on unbiased and unfiltered information. Andra believes wholeheartedly that technology and AI can and should have an impact on industries like wellness and beauty as much as it has on the automobile and healthcare industries. Cocoon is one of the first disruptors in beauty & data, helping women with problematic skin care conditions finally find a laser-focused cure. 

Andra loves buying beauty products that she doesn't need, long discussions over polarizing topics, is fascinated by patterns, modern art and could live on Asian food for the rest of her life.