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The media and marketing landscape is getting increasingly fragmented where "one-size-fits-all" no longer cuts it to the consumers who expect the brands to address their specific and often unique needs. The need for personalization requires ever more accurate and better insights on actual consumer behavior, which insights have become a competitive differentiator for brands. Yet, today none of the marketing departments have a real-time capability to link actual customer profiles to their real-world behavior. This is especially true for the $300B skincare and beauty industry that spends $100B per year on marketing and sales. 

Marketing is any brands’ core competence. Accurate and contextual consumer insights drive decision making and they belong at the highest strategic level of any data. Yet, the marketing departments and agencies they use don't have any capability today to produce detailed real-time consumer insights on a global scale. Instead, they produce point in time reports and operate using a handful of artificial “consumer personas" which act as proxies to their actual customers. These artificial personas are a thing of the past. The customers are much more fragmented. As a result, brands are missing audiences, losing sales, and suffer poor marketing ROI. Cocoon gives brands a high definition view of their actual and potential audiences and their behavior with thousands of personas that reflect the actual customers, enabling personalization at a cost and scale not possible until now.

At the same time over 500 million women are living with chronic skin conditions worldwide. And these are only the diagnosed people, many more go undiagnosed. Most have low self-esteem and many suffer from depression. The suicide rates for Psoriasis patients are four times as high as for healthy skin. There is research to show that  women suffering from with acne suffer from depression, anxiety, feelings of social isolation – numbers are high in atopic Dermatitis and rosacea too. These conditions are diseases which primarily impair women and make their lives worse. We at Cocoon believe that all women have the right to feel beautiful. And in this day and age when women are more pressured than ever to look their best due to social media, the pressure is on. However it’s not easy when the array of solutions is so vast and combinations are endless. How do skincare products and make-up react together, what is optimal for you right now? And what if you change one product in your routine?

Our values

We at Cocoon believe in a few core values. We believe in grit, passion and inclusion. Grit for us means that we know that we are paving the way for a new category and that takes charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Passion for us is in our dna: we love what we do, who we work with and why we are building Cocoon. Inclusion for us is a big topic and it run's through our our organization in many ways. We want to enable all ethnicities, skin concerns and anyone on the gender spectrum to have the best skin they possibly can have. At the same time we want to have a diverse team that does what they are best at. 

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The media and marketing landscape is getting increasingly fragmented where "one-size-fits-all" no longer cuts it to the consumers who expect the brands…

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Cocoon was founded by people from very different walks of life – it brings together extensive marketing, insight and agency experience …

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